27 January, 2009

Opening Session for Civil Law Workshops 2009 Edition,

The LSU Center of Civil Law Studies, Civil Law Workshop series will be putting on a continuing workshop series titled: “Civil law and Common Law: Cross-Influences, Contamination, and Permeability.” The inaugural session of this series, "Towards a Revival of the Case Method in Civil Law Education" by Professor Fernando Toller, Distinguished Global Visitor, LSU Law Center, Austral University, Buenos Aires, Argentina will take place on Thursday, 12 February, 2009, from 16:30 until 18:00 in the Tucker Room of the LSU Law Center.

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26 January, 2009

Updated Annotated Justinian Code Website

Tim Kearley, Director of the Law Library at the University of Wyoming College of Law has posted a second edition of their Annotated Justinian Code website. The website looks the same as before, but the contents of nearly every element have been revised.

The introduction to the second edition explains the changes. Suffice it here to say that the most important changes are additions and corrections to the transcription of the Code translation itself. In particular, Tim has added the rest of the marginal notes Justice Blume had made in his manuscript but that were omitted from the first edition due to time pressures. Many of these were question marks or brief comments indicating an uncertainty about his translation. Whenever these occurred, S. P. Scott's translation of the passage have been added for purposes of comparison.

There is also a link to the first edition of the Annotated Justinian Code in order that it not go "out of print," as it were; thus, it remains available for reference and comparison.

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