30 January, 2007

Heirs of the Body: Cadavers, Claims, and Kin

The LSU Center for Civil Law Studies, under the direction of Professor Olivier Moréteau, will sponsor a Civil Law Workshop on revisiting the distinction between persons and things. Professor David Gruning, Loyola University School of Law will speak on the "Heirs of the Body: Cadavers, Claims, and Kin." The workshop will take place at the LSU Law Center's Tucker Room on Thursday, 08 Feb 2007, from 4:30 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. I plant to attend and report on the developments.

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25 January, 2007

Civil Codes of the World on the Web

The Association Henri Capitant Louisiana Chapter, under the direction of Professor Alain Levasseur, began an effort to collect the Civil Codes available on the web with the intention of supporting the Association’s primary goal of preserving and fostering the civilian heritage. Working in conjunction with Prof. Levasseur, I created a Civil Code Pathfinder for all the Civil Code sites available on the web... For countries where English is not the official language, and where English translations are available, the links to the English translations of the codes are provided. We make no representation as to the accuracy or validity of these translations. If you know of other Civil Codes sites not included in the pathfinder or if you find any dead links while using it, please contact me at vicenc.feliu@law.lsu.edu. Thanks for your help and I hope this collection can be of use to all.

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24 January, 2007

Department of Defense Releases New Manual for Military Commissions

On January 18, the Department of Defense released a new Manual for Military Commissions. This new manual describes the procedures to be used on detainee trials under the Military Commissions Act of 2006. See the Jurist article. (Yes, I know this is not Civil Law, but it applies to my other interests so I posted it anyway.)

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The Association Henri Capitant Publishes Answer to World Bank Report

In 2005 the World Bank published a report titled Doing Business – Removing Obstacles to Growth in which it heavily criticized the Civil Law tradition, and the French legal tradition in particular, as one of the primary reasons for underdevelopment in some Third World Countries... Last month, the Association Henri Capitant published the second volume of its response to the World Bank, available in French at this link. You can also read my translation of Professor Alain Levasseur’s, the President of the Association Henri Capitant Louisiana Chapter and Hermann Moyse, Sr. Professor of Law at LSU Law, answer to the World Bank in this link.

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Welcome to the Yellow Shoe Civil Law Blog!

I've been working with the LSU Center for Civil Law Studies for almost a year and a half and I just recently got into blogging. I had the idea of creating a blog where I could post developments and things of interest happening specifically in the Civil Law and about foreign and international law issues in general. This blog is the result of that idea, I hope that it is of use or at least enjoyable.

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