25 January, 2010

Update to University of Wyoming Novels of Justinian Site

The University of Wyoming Law Library has posted re-scanned versions of Justice Blume’s English translation of Justinian’s Novels in their Annotated Justinian Code web site.

This new edition is much more legible than the first, which was scanned at very low resolution. The new edition has been edited so that all the chapters in each novel are now in their proper order.

In addition, the following material has been added to the website: 1) one table showing Code provisions affected by the novels; 2) another table, by novel, showing the Code provision it affects; 3) a Novel’s timeline; and 4) an article (which is to be published in this summer’s Law Library Journal) entitled “The Creation and Transmission of Justinian’s Novels.”

This is a great effort making the Novels and Justice Blume's materials available online.

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