25 January, 2010

Update to University of Wyoming Novels of Justinian Site

The University of Wyoming Law Library has posted re-scanned versions of Justice Blume’s English translation of Justinian’s Novels in their Annotated Justinian Code web site.

This new edition is much more legible than the first, which was scanned at very low resolution. The new edition has been edited so that all the chapters in each novel are now in their proper order.

In addition, the following material has been added to the website: 1) one table showing Code provisions affected by the novels; 2) another table, by novel, showing the Code provision it affects; 3) a Novel’s timeline; and 4) an article (which is to be published in this summer’s Law Library Journal) entitled “The Creation and Transmission of Justinian’s Novels.”

This is a great effort making the Novels and Justice Blume's materials available online.

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09 July, 2009

The English Fox in the Louisiana Civil Law Chausse- Trappe

The Louisiana Law Review has published The English Fox in the Louisiana Civil Law Chausse- Trappe: Civil Law Concepts in the English Language; Comparativists Beware!, 69 La Law Rev 715 (Summer 2009), an article, presented in the La. Law Rev. in English, based on an article by Professor Alain Levasseur, published in French in the January 2009 issue of the Revue Internationale de Droit Comparé (R.I.D.C.). The title of the Article in the R.I.D.C. is Les maux des mots en droit comparé. Professor Levasseur felt that this Article would be of interest to Louisiana lawyers and legal scholars and he asked Vicenç Feliú, because of Vicenç' background in Linguistics and the common law, to work with him in translating and redacting the original French article for publication in English.

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The Future of the Yellow Shoe Civil Law Blog

Last month I accepted a new job as the Director of the Law Library and assistant professor of law at the University of the District of Columbia, David A. Clarke School of Law. As can be expected, my duties there have very little to do with the civil law. However, I intend to keep this blog active as an archive of civil law resources and I intend to add to it as I will continue to maintain my personal interest in the civil law. Thank you all for following this modest effort and I hope that you continue to support it as I will. Best wishes to all!

Vicenç Feliú, JD, LLM, MLIS
Director of the Law Library
& Assistant Professor of Law
University of the District of Columbia
David A. Clarke School of Law
Charles M. & Hilda H. M. Mason Law Library
4200 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008
(Phone) 202 274-7354
(Fax) 202 274-7311

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19 May, 2009

50 Best Blogs for Law Librarians

Online University Lowdown has published a list of 50 Best Blogs for Law Librarians and The Yellow Shoe Civil Law Blog is on the list!

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27 April, 2009

Finding German Law in English

The Centre for German Legal Information (CGerLI) is a website offering a comprehensive and freely accessible database of electronic materials on German law. It brings together English translations of court decisions, legislation, articles and other law-related documents scattered over the internet and adds them to their own collection of German legal information.

As the database is being continuously expanded, they welcome contributions and suggestions. Please send your comments or new materials via email to new(at)cgerli.org.

This website was made possible with the support and cooperation of the German Federal Foreign Office.

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24 March, 2009

Videos of Civil Law Workshop Series

The Paul M. Hebert Law Center Civil Law Workshop Series successfully held its two first sessions during the Spring of 2009. The general topic of the Series is Civil Law and Common Law: Cross-Influences, Contamination and Permeability. These first two sessions, Towards a Revival of the Case Method in Civil Law Education and The Vienna Sales Convention (CISG) between Civil and Common Law - Best of all Worlds?, are now available on video on the web. Click on the name of the session you wish to see and you will be directed to it.

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18 March, 2009

Third Session of the CCLS Civil Law Workshop

The Center of Civil Law Studies at the Paul M. Hebert Law Center presents the third session of the 2009 Civil Law Workshop series: “Civil law and Common Law: Cross-Influences, Contamination, and Permeability.” Professor Sheldon Leader, University of Essex and Distinguished Global Visitor to the LSU Law Center will speak on "Legal Theory and the Variety of Legal Cultures: The Example of Dworkin" This Session will take place on Tuesday, April 7th, 2009 between 4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. in the LSU Law Center's Tucker Room. Don't miss it.

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