25 January, 2007

Civil Codes of the World on the Web

The Association Henri Capitant Louisiana Chapter, under the direction of Professor Alain Levasseur, began an effort to collect the Civil Codes available on the web with the intention of supporting the Association’s primary goal of preserving and fostering the civilian heritage. Working in conjunction with Prof. Levasseur, I created a Civil Code Pathfinder for all the Civil Code sites available on the web... For countries where English is not the official language, and where English translations are available, the links to the English translations of the codes are provided. We make no representation as to the accuracy or validity of these translations. If you know of other Civil Codes sites not included in the pathfinder or if you find any dead links while using it, please contact me at vicenc.feliu@law.lsu.edu. Thanks for your help and I hope this collection can be of use to all.

1 comment:

Stephan said...

Hey Vicenc, you might want to link the German BGB to http://bundesrecht.juris.de/bgb/index.html
That's the official collection of the German Ministry of Justice.
The English version of it used to be here: http://bundesrecht.juris.de/englisch_bgb/index.html
But as you can see it contained some translation flaws and has been withdrawn so far.